Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Discover what questions you should ask your Mohs surgeon during your consultation.

Mohs surgery is a delicate procedure that must be performed by a highly trained specialist with access to the proper equipment. Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon will refer you to a Mohs surgeon. During your visit, you may want to ask the questions below to gain a comfort level for the procedure that will be done, and how it will affect you.

Regarding experience:

How long have you been performing Mohs surgery?
Is Mohs surgery your primary business?

Regarding your case:

Will you use the fresh-tissue or fixed-tissue technique?
Do you see any complications that might arise in my case?

Regarding your time at the office:

How long will the procedure take?

What you should expect after the procedure:

Will I need to alter the use of my current medications for this procedure?
What kind of wound do you expect in my case?
What will you do if you don’t find the border of the cancerous lesion?
What post-op support and services do you provide?

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